Pet Supplies

The Pet Food Industry

In this blog I would like to tell you about my early years in the pet food industry. When I first started there were only a few choices to feed your pets. I remember selling Alpo, Ken-L-Ration and Milk-Bone.  The only food that was specialized was Science Diet. It was originally developed for the army […]

About Hoboken Mike – Hoboken Pet’s Top Dog

January 27th 1977 is where my adventure began. Along with my father George, my brothers George Jr, James and Alexander we started Vita Chow dog and cat food center. This was really the inception of the industry. At that time there may have been maybe only 5 or 6 stores in all of Brooklyn. The […]

Welcome To Hoboken Pet!

Welcome animal lovers, The mission of this blog is to keep you updated on new trends and products in Hoboken.  With my 32 years helping people deal with their best friends.  I vow to be honest and upright with my views.  I hope this can be a vehicle for Hoboken residents, and others beyond our […]