About Hoboken Mike – Hoboken Pet’s Top Dog

January 27th 1977 is where my adventure began.

Along with my father George, my brothers George Jr, James and Alexander we started Vita Chow dog and cat food center. This was really the inception of the industry. At that time there may have been maybe only 5 or 6 stores in all of Brooklyn. The only remnants of the beginners were us and the men from Dog Delight.

The great breakthrough came a few years later when George Jr and I became certified pet nutritionists. After months of studying we became 2 of the 3 certified pet nutritionists in the tri-state area. With this knowledge we set out to inform people of the best way to feed their pets. My brother and I seperated for awhile but came together in the NYC Pet.com stores. George being the sole owner and I being the nutritinal adviser.

I was never was the number crunching type of person but my customer service and love of animals I feel is unparalleled. I do not think of my customers as dollar signs but as a part of my new extended family.
Here in Hoboken I now see the happy marriage that I envisioned 35 years ago, a community that loves their best friends and a person who truly cares about their well-being. Asy ou will see from my further posts I will be an advocate for you my blog readers and my friends in Hoboken. I will never be too busy to answer a question or to be a shoulder to cry on.  When you encounter me in the store you will notice that I may seem shy but when we get to know each other all the barriers will be broken down. With this  entry I hope you get a little sample of who I am and how I can help you.  Thank you and may your tail always be wagging!

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